Yesterday came to see the pupil of the student’s elder sister

So, next to the student’s uncle’s flat was arranged to sit. Sitting on the sofa was an unprecedented sight. Only bottles and bottles. Under the bed, they are living together in Milemish. For a few seconds it seemed –
It’s like an unknown bottle came into the state.

Whoever went to the flat to fetch a student notebook –
Immediately I took out the phone and snapped two pictures. But the end is no more. In the conspiracy of the camera flash, the student realized I was taking pictures. To get the situation under control, I thought, –
“I’m not just looking for something new,
All I see is a camera capsule.

That’s why I got stuck. Student threatened me, if I didn’t write him a poem about “bottled rain water” –
Then tell everyone that I took a picture of the bottle! 2

Then I was forced to save my scotchpipe and put on a fairly inexplicable poem for thirty minutes.

The rain was captured
Bottle prison,
Sad news than that
What could be more

Cut the ticket from the sky
Came around,
River drainage in the hearing section
Came to mass.

All of a sudden, it gets stuck
Tough Bottle Houses –
From that time they settled
Damn, disrespect!

Calling a bottle of rain
How about
‘I heard humankind
Very cruel!

Now it is in the bones
I got it and Brother Ter,
Wait until the buds dry
Good morning! ‘

What else can I get?
The question is in everyone’s mind,
Some get up on the pigs

Another rain says in response
‘Hassali Ray Brother More,
The man who did not leave his brother
Will he leave you?

Humans are violent beasts
Has taken shape,
The murder is lost and the hand does not shake
Do not mind!

Someone in the power of sin
Lift your finger
He does not speak
Hands off

We are all trivial things
There is no price,
Steam comes again
I went to steam.

But those are the greatest
God’s best life,
Why their work and actions
Bizarre and lively?

Hard to catch on Judgment Day
Playing Terre,
Brave arm brace
That day will be out. ”

Rain in tears
That’s all it says,
Bottled up lives
What night 2

If the rains are all
Only bottle caps,
How will you be with the cloud?
Their treaty again?
Instead of me leaving these
Give your mind to education! 2

I read it and heard the student. He didn’t say anything. His eyes widened and he looked up. I put him in that position,
After leaving the room, I left the house and went out on the pitch.

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