Wages For Specific Jobs – Does Your Online Job Pay You Right?

Business process outsourcing is regarded as one of the fastest growing industries in the world which made working online an ordinary thing. It is predicted that the demand for outsourcing services will reach $180 billion in 2010. Most people, especially those who are active internet users, make use of their hobbies by getting themselves employed online. BPO industry offers services not only to traditional IT services but also to finance, engineering, animation, and medical transcription, but does it pay you right?

Web Development

Instead of costing tens of thousands, designing a website has dropped significantly. One can now develop a simple web site for less than a thousand dollars of course depending on the complexity and amount of content.

Web development includes web design, web content development, client liaison, client side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development, hence, wages for specific jobs vary.


Companies usually prefer an experienced programmer that’s why people who are expert in programming get a high pay. This includes programming jobs for web, stand-alone, and mobile applications. Many programming job require skills in web programming, which is to design a web enabled application. Wages for specific jobs differ depending on the competitiveness of the employee. While many jobs are project-based, some also offers regular monthly salary.

Animation and Digital Arts

Animation requires images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions. Careers related to animation calls for knowledge in Flash, Photoshop, Maya, and the like. While working in the company as a regular employee is an advantage ensuring a monthly salary, working online also opens one’s door to accept more projects.

Artworks are usually being paid per piece – icons, logos, headers – costing twenty to thirty dollars still depending on the complexity of the designs.

Project Management

Working on big projects requires project managers. While it is true that having good communication speeds up project completion, it is not made difficult by the current technology. Project managers are being paid five hundred dollars to supervise project development.

To figure out the wages for specific jobs [http://www.3-day-marketing.com] online you will first have to find out the average salary for other jobs in your area as these can vary greatly also. For example, a teacher in The Philipines can earn an average monthly wage of USD$400 monthly, while a teacher in America can earn up to USD$4000 monthly. This massive wage difference is also reflected in the cost of living in these respective countries. To learn for free how you can make money on the internet visit [http://www.3-day-marketing.com]

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