I went to talk to confirm the new tuition:


# Sit down, sir. In fact, I also did tuition in Student Life so I understand your hardship.

I say, “Thank you.”

# My daughter will give SSC this time. She is good at studying, but the previous teacher could not teach well so I am excluding her. Can you teach?

Me, “Hopefully it won’t be a problem. But I’ll be teaching for the first week free. If I like the student and the student fills my comforts for reading, I will continue.”

# This is very good. But I have a condition. My daughter has to teach six days a week and does two hours.
(I can’t wait to see how many teachers he regrets)

Me, “Six days a week, teaching two hours a day is a lot of default. Also, before he finishes his talk, he doesn’t think,” Sir, I will extend the time. I will repay you. ”

how will I?”

# Previous teacher I would have given 25 bucks. I’ll make you 1. Do you have any objections?

Me, “Thanks. I was actually thinking the pay-ment would be 4,000 plus. Sorry, Auntie. I’ll come then.”

He is angry with the amount of money. In fact, he understands the sadness of home tutors, and the previous teacher cannot teach well.

But my grief is elsewhere, “How do they understand the tutors’ misery so well ??”

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