How would it be if all the home teachers in the country

, like the cricketers, united and demanded a five-point call to the Guardians: –

5 / Good breakfast should be given every day during teaching. (Excluding tea biscuits)

2 / Someday no teacher should actually assume that the teacher’s mood is not good. Cannot ask for reasons by phone.

5 / Eid dresses should be paid along with the bonus equal to the pay per Eid.

1 / Teacher can not experiment with new foods.

3 / Student will have to give the home WiFi line password while teaching. If you change the password, you must inform the teacher immediately.

1 / All social media, including Facebook, should be allowed to read.

Pay at the beginning of 1 / per month. Delay will increase at a rate of 5% per day.

1 / Student will have to pay a separate payment for the calorie cost of the teacher to beat the student for not reading.

3 / When making payment, the money must be new. Because old money or harmful germs are nowadays.

1 / Teacher’s CGPA can never be questioned.

1 / At least 5 kg of meat should be sent during the Eid of the sacrifice. (Not much of a problem).

Promote: Teachers Welfare Association of Bangladesh (TOAB).

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