Bathroom Safety Products to Install at Home

One of the most dangerous spots for a caregiver is in the bathroom. Whether using the toilet or bathing oneself in the shower, the bathroom is an aspect of life where a dependent will want to retain a good degree of freedom. However, slippery and unpredictable puddles and water could spell disastrous if certain precautions aren’t taken. As a caregiver, it is your duty to outfit a bathroom that is safe and accessible. The following are a few bathroom safety medical supplies to give your dependent freedom while remaining in the hand of safety.

Becoming the primary care giver of a loved one at home means that you must take on certain responsibilities to provide for the health and safety of your dependent. This means that besides preparing meals for your dependent, you as a caregiver must provide an environment that is safe and suited to your dependent needs of mobility and support. Creating this environment usually entails purchasing and installing an assortment of medical supplies and safety solutions to prevent the unthinkable from happening without proper support.

Bath Benches – A bath bench is a highly effective method for allowing a safe shower and enabling the freedom of the dependent to wash themselves. A bath bench is a bathroom safety product that sits directly in a shower and acts as a waterproof seat from which your loved one can wash themselves comfortably, and with minimal risk of slipping and harming themselves. With a sturdy base and grab bars to supplement, a bath bench is a great bathroom safety tool for allowing freedom

.Incontinence Products – Though not explicitly bathroom safety products, incontinence products enable freedom and cleanliness when your loved one just can’t make it in time. An emergency incontinence plan should always be in place, with bed liners, incontinence clothing, and underpads. This last line of defense will mean easy clean up and freedom to move around

Toilet Safety Rails – Toilet safety rails are solid bars that go alongside a toilet, enabling your loved one to lift themselves up and off the toilet or slowly guide themselves onto it. For when grab bars are not enough, toilet safety rails provide unmatched stability and safety.

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