Tuition Story

Eid did not call for the salamis after calling.

Suddenly call today:

-Hello.Assalamualaiqum sir.
-Walaim Aslam.
-Well, sir. How are you?
-Not good. I could not get up to two days of fever, and kashis.
-Allah, what is sir?
-Hum. Bad situation. I do not know when I can return to Dhaka.
I’m sorry.
Why are you talking?
-Sara Eid did not call you salami by phone?
– Oh, remember. And you remember that you did not threaten.
-Sir, when you did not give salamation, I resigned in your name.
What’s that?
I was angry and said, “Allah sorrow sir.”
-What is Allah saying these things. What are you seeing today because of me?
Sir, I really do not want to swear, I think so.
-Anyway, I’m sending your salami, I pray for my recovery.
I do not want to be saraili. I will pray like this.

His prayers have been accepted so quickly,
Before I could say that I would give selami.
This mistake will not be in the longer life.
“I will be obliged to give whatever the student wants” 😶

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