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when others are uploading Eid Salary Bonus and various color barn dresses. Just then, at around 4:30 in the afternoon, a mother of my 8th class student came in. I was studying another student from the fourth grade. Even though this time
The phone comes from the number of parents of the students, we teachers take it that iftar is invited there today. But the ridiculous ridiculousness of the law, I have given a very good invitation to him, that is, I taught him this one hour from yesterday, from 5am to 6pm

. I decided to do this for a few days till the Eid. But he said that by phone he will not be there. After 11 to 12 hours I asked, why do I ask why? It is his claim. I tried to give a good medium by giving a few words. Note that Bonas’ name can not be mentioned here during Eid, I have been studying here for almost two years, but for a day they did not break me, if we used to teach Eid, we did not have a pair of semiconductor and did not give breakfast, in the past two years 5/6 days. It also reiterates that only one / two biscuits will take from this quote. And yesterday they say very proudly, we have never given Eid Bonus to our work buwan in our life, you are far away. They also have their daughter in the evening from 7 pm to 11 pm After reading up to 12/13, you have to get five paise to win.

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