Love Story

The mother of love

When I used to go to school after feeding, I used to give rice for dinner.

When I used to go to school after feeding, I used to give rice for dinner. After eating the meal I used to say “give more rice”. Then, the remaining rice of Patil was given to me. With the help of Bhima, Jim used to mix the potatoes. It does not fall as low as possible. It is my mother’s karamati When I wanted rice again, the mother would tremble in a panic. Because there was no other rice. I used to say, “After drinking more water.” Then I would go to bed on the bed. Then I would have slept. Many nights had passed, many days passed.

Today, I grew up very much. Today, I know a lot about this world, I have got Chinese.
But a word was never asked, “Mom, what did you eat?
Do you have affectionate mother, keep your child in trouble with your child, yet your place is old age, we are cruel, or cruel society.
Everyone’s own, mother is the highest place, yet you are old. We are cruel, childless.
Yes you are the opposite mother of cruelty, because you bless your child from afar. You can not do that, to ask for the loss of your child to the Creator? You can not know. Because you are “mother”, “Mom”
Your child is stupid to you.
Your child will return to you with his mistake, that is your lasting faith. Do you want to know that Adu was able to return?
Your belief is steady, even after the last breath, you believe that your child will return. You can believe that you are “Mother” “Mom”.
What can we do, “mother” to keep your faith worth it?

We will not be able to write a history of two mothers, but we have the ability to make a little smile on the face of our mother. But why so much excuse?
A man’s life is only selfish when he can love his mother from mother.
Be nice, wherever you are, all mothers, in all environments, in all circumstances

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