Sad story

Brother gave me rice today “

The little girl named bird is begging at Gazipur Railway Station

The little girl named bird is begging at Gazipur Railway Station. How old will be
6 ki 7 He is learning at this age, he will have to eat food after begging. I can learn about many people with the ability to work with these children, how much of humanity they are in the name of the evil series.

Today I will tell you the “bird” story. If the bird wanders on the school’s balcony in the wings of the wings, the bird is wandering in the wings and now it is handy to the people. The bird came and said, “The brother gave me rice today”
His nails are very big. Mud and dirt are black in the nails, it was seen in the naked eye. I did not see the bird before. Although we were working at the station for almost two years, the birds have not been seen so long.

Did not know Canoea?
We only taught but did not have food. Can girls named “birds” fall in canoe?
He will get food if he begged for the day, but if we read to him he would not get food. Dulabhai said at the house, which is the money then Khobi. But where does he get the money?
The birds are begging for the money.
One week, I was giving food to children in exchange for study at Gazipur station. You know, I can see Aki for this meal today.
Today I said in the meanings “Brother gave me rice today”
At the beginning I said, the nails of birds have grown up, they have to be cut.
Let’s hear the bird’s story …
– What is your name?
– ………
– Not sure,
– Bird
– Where’s your home?
– Next to the Gourthan.
– Can you get to the station?
– To begged
– What do parents do?
– Father has left me in a long time
– And mother?
– He’s gone
– Then who are you?
– With big book
My father has gone, Mao has gone. Because of that, the ninety-five-bird stationed at the station to hand it to the people.

Cutting the nails and listening to the bird’s story. I love to hear my story but I do not want to hear such stories from the birds, hear the reality from the eyes.
– What does the sister do?
– Work through the house
– Is there a wedding?
– Yes
– What do you do?
– Come on
– Do you beat your book?
– Yes
– And your dulabai?
– Dulabhai Mere Lati Murray
– Can?
– Asking to take money by begging, do not kill Murray.
– When did Asos at the station?
– Hey, go to the morning and go to Rye
– How many passes all day?
– 50 minutes, 100 minutes, 150 minutes
– Where did you eat?
– “Brother gave me rice today” Apu wrote my name yesterday.

The last bird of nails But his last words were going on in my ears “brother gave me rice today, yesterday my name is Apu”
This ninety-nine lives of birds will continue this way day by day …
Every day she will eat sister’s sister, eat dulabaiera liquor.
This bird is now “babes” birds. One right bird of blind humanity

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