Love Story

A Childhood story

The shepherd boy! The shepherd boy! Baker wants back,


The shepherd boy! The shepherd boy! Baker wants back,
Where is the path of the crooked corridor?

‘See that blue-green green surrounded gaon
The skin of the leaves of the leaves in the dew;
There is a small cottage on the gold plate,
My mother is sitting alone in my house
I will go, and my brother will not spare me! ‘

The shepherd boy! The shepherd boy! Where else,
Before the sky, just take the colorful clouds. ‘

‘I wake up today to wake up in the dew-grass,
The whole night’s dream smiles on my sweet sunshine
To play with me morning morning,
Mourage flowers are called pulse pulse and so on.
On the way, two peas legs covered with peas,
Saying, ‘Gaeya’s shepherd plays a little!’
The whole field is called, brother will play!
Now it is time to say kaiab!

‘The shepherd boy! The shepherd boy! Play all day
There is a great deal of that, there is work that fairs! ‘

‘I know about the job, brother plays with a trouser
Dry rice paddies in the subdivision of rice fields
Gladly bale nude throat is happy to be yellow
The face of the monster opens the veil and kisses face!
Banyo poets and crazy buddies playing in the throats of Zhao,
We can add a murshida-song in this way.
The game is played by Moond singing, game-plow-plow
I know how to play the whole day, do not know.

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