Sad story

Misses, if not a story of much troubleDo you read the eyes at

water comes out and the story will wear itTo cry ...................After a three-year relationship with a boyTelling the girl,Boy me

water comes out and the story will wear it
To cry ……………….
After a three-year relationship with a boy
Telling the girl,
Boy me
Looks like I do not love you.
Girl what ??
Yes, I am mine
Life is ruined with you
Can not do
Girl: What do you mean these ??? this
Do not like me
Where am I wrong ? Make more balls.
Boy: I’m trying to break up.
Girl: I can not live without you
Boy: But I want to break up.
This is the boy went away.
The girl has a lot in the night
She could not understand what she lost.
After a few days like this
The boy is in touch with the girl
Did not Then she herself a lot
Hardened And she’s her
Give her to marry him
He said to see the pot. Then he is another
Married to a boy. She is always
Would have tried to be good but could have
No. After his marriage and everybody
At night he cried, the boy’s cry
That’s why he left alone in the dark.
She still believes in her
The man will come to him,
And he will be together, but
It is no more. After two years of marriage
The girl went to the boy’s house
To meet her sister. Her
Took her to the boy’s room
And gave a letter in his hand
And he cried, who is his brother 2
Years ago died in cancer.
Then the girl went home, then
The letter began to open, “jan
I know you’re still me
Waiting for, but this may be
We are not in our destiny. You mind
Do not do bad


, I do this
I’ve just made you strong
Because, to move you forward
For some time, blame yourself
Do not do anything for that.
I’m still alive in your heart
In the middle I’m not ?? And yours
Love will never lose
Do not lose hope, always
Laughs will be happy, you know I’m yours
A lot of smiles face it
I love you all the time
I was with, I’ll be there.
I do not know how
Like the story of the car,
But if you have trouble
If you have to run 1 share
Those who have trouble More like this
Take me to get the story …

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