Love Story

The story of love of two minds

When I entered the room, I saw that the wife cooked in the kitchen

When I entered the room, I saw that the wife cooked in the kitchen. Then he called the wife and went in front of the kitchen door.
But this is what he is throwing in front of me, and he is throwing me in front of me.
Yesterday I came to market. There were many brinjal, potato, kachi in the market. They were throwing them in such a way that ammunition from the air was being thrown out.

In order to save the life, I followed this formula and followed the other way. Bari Aslam once in the evening. The knees were running in the stomach with the help of the thighs. I started eating at the table without getting any response in the room, but once I had lost my desire to take it again. , Then added salt to the mind.

He started going to sleep. Locking from inside the house. Sleep at the couch that night did not do.

New wife, I have been married for a couple of months. Sometimes she did not talk on the face of the wife. But what happened today is that wife called a strike called brick and patkel.
I went to Facebook in the middle of the night because I was sleeping.

I gave the message Oh also open the door.Parbona, get out of the house and talk more.

Make it, but cook it well in the morning. Karla Bhaji is my birthdate enemy. Do not cry, please.

I will give another message, then I see that blocking me.

Suddenly, I woke up in the morning with a scream of water. The wife was standing in my jhata hand. The situation could be awful again, so I went to run.

-Wife, forgive me. And what have I done before?

-More people call the phone and rate it. I’m not scared, I did not know before.

– Do not apply my white mood. Say no to Murray.
With a lot of trouble, I told the story to cool the wife. The story is,
Every time a girl or a phone has said,
Sir you are our regular customer. Our offer is going on. You actually gave a little discount. As Regular arrives.

Seeing the phone number, I saw a shop number. I shop regularly from the shop. They have a very good relationship with me. Call me if you have an offer.

It is a store number that I used to complain in a lot of trouble. After that I did not leave alone. If you go to the market then go to the market.

One day I and Tasnim (wife’s name) went to the market. When a man went to the market, a man called Tasnim and said,

– Come on this side. This fish was going to cost me around 700 rupees. Special rate for you. Only 500 rupees.

I laughed after hearing this. I said with a face to the corner.

-What is the story?

The face was like a cloud of Kaleshishakhi,

Let’s understand it. So go home today. Karaala Bhaji and the doors of the room are closed.

What have I done?

And the wife, and the comuna. Do not grate the bread down.

(BD: Do not go to the talk with the wife

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