Sad story

A story about fictitious

Remaining one on the solitary street.ManyNothing seems to come.

Remaining one on the solitary street.

Nothing seems to come.
But there is nothing to do.
Everything is finished.
I had many hopes but it was
The opposite.
That was also the end.

About a year ago with the friend
Went friend
uncle’s house.
Never before in the Ai area
Did not
Everything was unidentified.
On the occasion of the marriage of friend’s cousin
Went up
I am asleep in the morning before the wedding.
this time,
Faisal: K, H, snow, you still have
I: No. I’m cutting off.
Faisal: After cutting. Now let’s do a lot of work
There are.
I: shit !!!!
Faisal: I have not been able to sleep here
Have work
They have to do.
I: Let’s go.All arrangements with Faisal
Dropped off
In the afternoon I saw people come here
Has done.
Some of these girls came too.
In a glance at a girl
I have looked.
Suddenly someone called from behind,
Saroniika (Faisal’s small cousin
Sister): what snow
What are you looking at brother?
I: I did not do anything.
I see everything! And do not hide it.
: Hey no, nothing!
I do not think they are mine
Girlfriend apu
Came to the wedding.
: Today will be gone.
Do not worry. They go to
There !!!!
It’s good to have a look after it
You can go.

After the evening, the work of the halud is finished
That’s it.
Everyone has gone.
I saw the story of Sarani’s friends
Is doing
I: Sornika come here.
Saronika: Yes.Blun brother.
I: Your girlfriend who is on the right
Are lucky
What is his name
SORONIA: Why do you have to say something?
I: Hey no, no. Just say the name.
Saronika: Ahana.
Ahana! Stay at least know the name
Got me
After that all the work on the wedding day
I did
I was looking at an elephant.
It looks very nice Ahana
When the marriage ends, the house is from before
A lot
Come to the quiet environment.
I thought I would say something to Ahana
I can not tell myself.
You have to tell the colonizer

I called the secretary,
I: Sornika! Come here.
SORONIA: Yes, say brother.
: Saying anhana —–
I do not have to say it
I went
I have told Ahana in advance!
: What ???
: Yes! I knew you were anything like that
Will say
: Ahna says something?
: Yes. I agree. It’s okay you’re okay
Take it.
Thank you so much.
Thank you not to get it
Will be.
Well, I’ll give it.
Talking to the non-hygienic speaker
I said.
Let’s get the job done easily.
The next day I went to Faisal
In their own areas
Before coming, Ahner phone number, Facebook
I got it all.
However, if Sostrina does not help, nothing happens
It was not possible.
A good relationship with Ahner is developed
It is good to get married
I got it !!!
We all came back with a treat
Our relationship was very good
About Phone, Facebook, Imu
It was a whole day
With him
This is cut in 6 months.
Suddenly in Ahana
I noticed many changes.
Activating Facebook on Facebook
Even though
Do not reply.
Asked to talk to friends, it’s a conversation with friends
I wonder why you know day and night
So contact the office.
I can not know that there is no more absence before.
All the days of Ahana cut off the boys
Flirt with
Do it.
I did not understand what to do.
About Faisal
Faisal’s uncle’s house went again.
But I did not think so big surprise
Get it
Seeing immediately after entering the area
Ahana A
With hands in hand with the boy
Moving around
Seeing the boy’s hand in the spell of seeing me
In the chorus
Did not
I: Ahna, what are these?
Ahana: Why not look in the snow?
I: What about our so many day-to-day relationships?
Will be
Ahana: Yes! Yes! Yes, forget it.
I could not say anything.
I came from there.
. ***
Since then, I have been silent.
Walking on the deserted streets is quite a lot
Like it
Now. One feels very good.
That’s going on. Will run.
At least a fictitious grip
The possibility
It will not be there.

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