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A boy and A girl in the park

I was sitting in the stomach. ~~Hatat girl said to me Want a saliva rosy ....... ~ The boy said now .....


Want a saliva rosy …….
~ The boy said now …..
Red roses are not available during this time.

~~ She said I said all those things
I do not know
I mean,
If you can not
Our relationship ends here.
The boy went frustrated and went away
Looking for the red rose
A white rose looking for
Come to the tree and sit near the tree
That tree was one of the only
There are white roses.
A bird him
Jiggs took-
Why are you sitting here like this?
The boy got birdie
All said ………


the bird after all
He said you closed the eyes
I red rose
We’re working.
The boy is happy
Eyes closed ,,,,,,,,,,, after some honey
The bird said, the eyes are the eyes
Open up
Look at the boy
It was astonishing because the reason
That’s a little earlier
The rose is white
Was it red now?
And her
He is lying beside him
The bird.
The boy is shocked
Asked about it
How is your situation
Is it?
The bird said
My lover is dead
and me
So what to do to survive
I’m mine
With all the blood your
I love you ..

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