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The sky is blue. Muddled mind with a gentle breeze I am crazy The roof of our house has almost all the flowers of color, such as: Polkuji, Niyantara, Palash, Pakhiful, Palam, Ashok, Akrakanta, Himjhuri etc. My dad’s garden grow I do not go too many days, and I’m not too good, suddenly I went to the roof.

Today I saw many new leaves and flowers coming in the trees. Hmm, now the spring. Later on I saw the 19th day of Falgun today. I read at the National University in the first year of Bengali section. Spring is the flower of flowers in the heart of the tree occasionally in the tree, but fate can sometimes have many thoughts about this flower. I do not know who or who in my life whom I will gift this flower. Thinking of that, the mind became worse. Let’s talk about what to do and to talk to the flowers. A tub on the right side of the roof, where the flakes are in place.

I said, “How are you?” You know, my mind is not good, I do not have a good friend to this day. The one with whom I gave the exchange of hearts, gave him a lot of love. Well, do you love me, if I love you, what do you understand me like? You know, I’m fascinated by the quality of your jumps. Do not you love me, dear? Answer yes What is Jasmine, Magalla Mallika, you’re talking to me, what is it really Suddenly, I made the house a little high, I saw a man standing in front of me, ie a girl on the roof of our house. Of course they are new tomorrow. He said, ‘How do you know my name? I did not talk to you, I did not show you, you loved me. Really i’m so lucky

I’m surprised, really someone is talking to me, it looks very constricted, that sounds sad. I kept his eyes in his eyes and said, ‘Oh, every day I was looking forward to waiting for you, when I was just waiting for you to bring your thoughts to me. Whatever happens, my life is selfish today, in the spring it’s your arrival. Tired a flower from that lucky polar tree and gave it to me,

Neu friends love,

A little laugh

Jasmine said, ‘Well, your name was not known. What is your name My name is Palak, but everyone says touching. Look at the touch I’ll see; The name will be yours. Jasmi laughing a little laughing at this. I smiled and came to my room. That’s the real beginning with our Premer Golpo, Valobashar Golpo, Romantic Golpo.

The last episode

Did you not feel ashamed to introduce your husband as a rented brother? (I)
Tesiba: – Why do you want to be ashamed of my cousin?
I: – That was before the marriage, now we are husband wife?
Tasiba: – You do not agree to me as a wife! But let’s talk to you later, give a bill now.
I: – You have given me a party, why do I pay?
Tasiba: – The party I gave to the party on the occasion of our marriage, I did not extend all of them to the marriage, so today we have given treatment to all of them.
I: – That means you’ll treat your bankrupts with my money, will I accept it?
Tasiba: Yes, because I’m telling you so.
I: – Who are you to listen to me?
Tesiba: – You are my husband and I am your wife, this is the biggest identity.
I: – What will happen to your Riyadh?
Tasiba: – I do not know the name of Riyad, and on that day I wish I had given a son’s name! So that you hate me.
I: – But why?
Tasiba: – The guys are now paying the bill now.
I: – All right, then go and pay the bill with Tasiba. Now tell me what is the car?
Tesiba: – We are poor and if you do not accept a large number of people from your family.
I: – Then how do you fix marriage?
Tasiba: – I mean with your daughter, I’m talking to my Fupur, she’s all set to get married. You say to your mom I love a boy! But your mother did not believe me I’m telling you so love.
I: – You chit with me?
Tesiba: – How did I stay with you on the bed and I am with you?
I: – If you did not tell the lie, then it would have been better for me. Okay, now you go home and I have a chat with a little bandit.
Tasiba: – I will go with you and we will go to Sylhet in the afternoon.
I: – Why Sylhet?
Tasiba: – I will come to Hanimun to bring a lot of good news!
I: – I will not go anywhere with you, you go alone alone.
Tasiba: – I know that you know well, I remember you kissed me last night?
I said: – I do not say this lieless.
Tasiba: – To be honest, I did a lot of kisses when I was awake.
I: – What happened?
Tasiba: – Now do a kiss?
I: – This street?
Tasiba: – Yes, we are our husbands wife?
I: – Do not be my door. Let’s go home now and then I’ll tell you. Tasiba got straight into the house with rickshaw. Mom said seeing us both
Mom: – Why are you coming back?
I: – Where to go?
Mom: – Tasiba has said to go to the railway station with bags.
I: – Then do not let go, I’ll let loose?
Tasiba: – Then I will not even go.
Mom: – All right, then you need to go somewhere.
I: – Okay, then I went to the room, I came straight into the room and I’ll go to the door to stop, then Tasiba came.
Tasiba: – Do not shut the doors during the day, why would you fuss?
I: – Do not you know the great sin of suicide?
Tasebah: – I know if you know, then pushing me on the bed and sitting on my chest.
I: – What is sitting on the chest?
Tesiba: – To admonish me to kiss, I stopped and I could not hear. Then threw Tasiba and threw it over the bay. After seeing that Tasiba was unconscious, my heart’s heart was broken by seeing Tasiba lying on the bed. Then take water and bring a sound. Whenever I put my head in the chest, Tasiba hugged me.
I: – If you wish to act like this with me, you know what happened to me?
Tasiba: – I will not regret it and now I will love me?
I will not do it.
Tasiba: – Then I’ll beat you.
I: – If you hold it tight, then Tasiba has run away from me for a kiss.
I will stop writing stories for some time! But at the same time you will be presented with a new story which will be a different story in front of you. By that time everyone will pray for me a little.
………………………….. concluding …………. ..

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