Love Story

Selfish love

How are you All day, I live alone!-What are you saying?

I’ll tell you! Can we see anyone except the two in the class?
I did not even answer!
I asked so now.
Are you pretending to be bad or thinking?
Why should I take it?
– Well, leave it. Again, how do you live alone all day, do not boring?
-No. Loneliness is my closest companion
Do not want to make bonds? Everyone is coming to the new college and getting acquainted with each other. But I saw you alone since the very first day. Do not talk to anyone.
I do not like to talk to someone.
-Why do you know that strange behavior?
There is no reason for some behavior.
-Why do you turn around? Now you seem to be thinking!
-I do not think about not being able to think.
Why do you want to! Now it looks like you’re stubborn.
– If you think you do not have anything to do.
I think you are distraught talking to me!
– Hmm ….
Well, I did not bother you anymore. Last Question … Friendship with me?
Well, I do not make friends with anyone.
Well, you can be friendly.
-I will try.
-Hum. Thank you
Well, you’ll talk later
[[Next day]]
Can you sit next to me?
-Hum. Government seats, just sit there.
He did not know the government seat. Thanks for letting you know.
– (silent)
-I’m not sitting in a single sitting to do any work.
This is my job.
Your work is strange as you.
How are you? I’m going to talk to you again and again as a girl. And you’re going to avoid
I do not like talking to my girls.
-What? All the boys are waiting for the opportunity to talk to the girls.
There is nothing to be said about.
Why do not you like everyone?
I do not want to be like that
That’s why I came to talk to you. You are really weird
-I am not weird at all. I’m perfect for me.
-Hum. I think you have a lot of trouble in your mind. And the hardships make people stronger. You too have done it.
– (silent)
I think there is a story behind you being silent. Share with me?
Do not care Please leave me alone.
-Please do not say. The trouble is to reduce it. Maybe you can solve any problems.
(I did not say anything, I went out of the room like that day, then after some time the body was sick, I could not go to the university. After 7 days)
I sat in the back seat sitting in the class.
-Eye Mr. !! Where were you? You know how much you know? Almost everyone is asked about it. But nobody knows you, if you ever lost, nobody will find you.
-What do you need with me?
-Many needs You can not sleep at night to listen to your story.
-Why do you woke up to listen to my story?
-Please do not say. Do not bother you, you’ll have to
-All right, let’s hear ………
First of all I was not like that. I was very happy. I used to chat with friends day and night, I could not stay at all. I could also sing guitar light light. Every day with friends in the park beside the house. Every day friends had to listen to music Once I finished singing one day, I noticed two girls standing beside the song listening to the song. The song goes away with the end of the song. See these times and so often. Almost often from the bush, my songs were heard. I noticed several times but I did not say anything. One day when I was returning home, the girl called. Many praise my song Later in our chat, the girl would also join. This way friendships are ours. His name was the fundamentalist. Sometimes we talked about mobile too. Why do not you know that there was a magic in the story of the girl, the more I talked, the more weirdly lost. During the time, in the middle of the night, in the middle of the night, he used to call the music and tell me to sing like a boy, for his son. Everything was going well
One day suddenly the funder gave me a promotion. I myself was weak, so I did not expose. Our friendship takes shape in love. So that we got together with each other. Two people got locked in the spirit I was told that if I get a job, I will tell them in the house. But happiness is not the life of everyone. One day the fund came to me without a lot of hassles and lots of quarrels with me. I started neglecting. Later, I learned that her marriage has been fixed in the job of a high post. The woman herself also agreed on marriage. I did not want a funder if I tried to contact. After some days they left their area. No one knows where it has gone. Haat has gone for marriage. Since then, the mind has broken down. And I became like that.
-That would hurt her for a different girl? Why are you punishing yourself?
-When I’m punishing myself! I’m very happy about my new life. There is no chance of suffering, no more I can find happiness only when I am alone.
Friendship with me ??
-Is it for me?
– No, no. Your friend is willing to hear your story. Look, your name is not yet known. I am a partner You ??
I’ll win. Then I’ll talk to you.

(I went out of classrooms.I will not go for some time in university and I will not be able to get involved in any of them, and girls are deceitful, mayabati, deceitful, I will be stuck in the mazazale, I can not be confused with anyone else. Man and the same error repeatedly inhuman him))

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